Atheist Intolerance and Yet Another Attack on Biblical Christianity

by Ken Ham on May 21, 2013

A group of atheists had an eye-opening, two-hour chat on the internet over the weekend about what they can do to fight against me being a keynote speaker at an upcoming homeschool convention in Texas. I could summarize what they said like this, paraphrasing portions of the atheist video chat:

What can we do to fight Ken Ham speaking at this homeschool convention? This shouldn’t be allowed. Ken Ham pushes biblical creation on kids and adults. We can’t have this. We need to protest. We will bus in atheists from other cities. We’ve already scouted out the best places to conduct the protest. We need to confront Ken Ham at the conference.

This situation is intolerable. How dare a Christian organization host Ken Ham? And look at this homeschool group—you can see what they are doing. Their three keynote speakers are Christians. They are obviously pushing Christianity at a homeschool convention. How dare they have Christian speakers at this convention? Who do they think they are?

Christian homeschooling parents are ignorant and illiterate. They can teach their religious junk at home, but when it comes to education, they can’t teach Ken Ham’s stuff to children—this can’t be allowed. We’ve got to stop this. We are angry—we are really angry.

I wrote the lead web article for today about these intolerant atheists, showing various video clips from this atheist chat. I urge you to read this article and then consider taking action to help counter an increasingly anti-Christian climate in America. The church needs to understand the nature of the battle—I believe this article can be used to wake up many Christians as to what is happening.

Go to this link to read about this shocking and very revealing atheist attack.

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