Take a Creation Guide with You on Summer Vacation!

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Now, we don’t have enough AiG staff for each of you to have your own personal creationist tour guide as you visit national parks, zoos, and museums this summer. But you can do what this family below did. They took some of our AiG resources with them as they visited a secular museum to ensure that their kids received the correct teaching.

The dad wrote the following to us:

I took my family to the Los Angeles Natural History Museum for the first time. Before going, we talked about how the fossils were real, but not the evolutionary stories that accompanied them. We decided to take some of our Answers in Genesis materials to the museum with us, as well as sharing them with another homeschooling family that was attending. Here are a couple of family photos from our trip … along with some good AiG product placement! :)

BLog photo B

Blog photo A

Of course, as this dad also knows, do your best to spend two days at the Creation Museum, training yourselves and your children in the true biblical creation worldview. That way, when you visit these secular places, you will be equipped to correctly understand what you see.

And by Memorial Day weekend, our Creation Museum will feature (1) a world-class, highly evangelistic and high-tech insect exhibit, (2) a large, spectacular dragon exhibit, (3) a new program on comets for the museum’s Planetarium, and (4) the incredible Verbum Domini exhibit displaying Bible manuscripts and Bible-related artifacts from the famous Green Collection. Then, by June 20 the best zip line course in the Midwest will open here!

But AiG can help vacationers even more. We have developed a number of guides that can assist you. Click on one of the images below to learn more about that particular guide or to purchase a copy in our online store.


As you visit natural history museums, make sure you take this one with you.


This is our general zoo guide that can be used at any zoo.


Here is a great resource to take along to any aquarium.

In addition to our essential guides for museums, zoos, and aquariums, I also recommend these national park guides (click an image to learn more):




Finally, don’t go anywhere without the entire AiG pocket guide collection (14 books):

pocket guides

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