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Our major teaching event of the year—the Answers Mega Conference (to be held near the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains)—has a deadline looming. The early bird discount ends Tuesday, April 30.  Register today and save 20 percent off the registration price.

Plus you can take advantage of some extra bonus features as part of the conference—a family conference to be held in the excellent facilities of the Sevierville Convention Center. I look forward to returning and speaking.

Each registered attendee will receive a $10 Adventure Voucher for the Creation Museum (a four-and-a-half-hour drive away), which can be applied to a spectacular new attraction coming there soon! Get ready for an experience of a lifetime with our new zip line canopy tour.  Our travelers will ride on 16 zip lines that range from 270 ft. to 900 ft. in length and up to 150 ft. in the air.  Travelers will also glide over 12 sky bridges. That is over two and a half miles of aerial action! You can use this conference voucher when you visit* the Creation Museum—along with your free museum admission as part of your conference registration.


We have also added three bonus sessions especially for the teens, hosted by Eric Mock, vice president of Slavic Gospel Association. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening immediately following the last evening session, we will have a time of worship, a devotional by one of our conference speakers, and prayer time. The theme for each night will be Know the Truth, Live the Truth, and Proclaim the Truth. Eric is bringing a team of youth to work with our kids’ program throughout the week and has opened up their worship time to all interested teens (and adults) who would like to attend. It’s just one more way we seek to equip your entire family at the Answers Mega Conference.

Hosted in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains area, there are plenty of great family activities for your entire family to enjoy. Be sure to take advantage of some of the terrific discounts on Dollywood and Dixie Stampede tickets when you register. These rates are only available through the registration prepurchase before June 30th.

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So make sure you register today  for this family vacation of a lifetime at

Extraterrestrial Aliens, Legal Aliens, and Antibiotics

Every Saturday, AiG’s Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell writes a fascinating column that analyzes news of the past week that relates to the Bible’s authority, especially in Genesis.  Today’s very intriguing topics include:
  • Ata. Is this tiny mummy proof that aliens have visited earth and that evolution is true?  You may have seen these photos below on various websites and in other media—images taken from the new film Sirius. Who is Ata?
  • Antibiotic resistance of bacteria to drugs is often used as an example of evolution “in action today”—but is it? Dr. Mitchell will show you how no new genetic information is involved in this resistance, just more of the genetic information that is already there.
  • Researchers have produced results that show that life began on earth before the earth ever existed!
  • We have been closely watching the well-known Romeike homeschool case now in the U.S. courts. Every citizen should be watching how the Obama Administration’s lawyers are threatening Americans’ ability to bring up their children as they seek to deport a German family who left their country because of persecution for homeschooling. You’ll get an update today in News to Note.
Get the details on these stories and more in today’s News to Note.

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*Zip lines scheduled to open early this summer.

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