Surprised at an “Answers” Conference in Chicago

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It’s not too often that I am totally surprised, but I was wondering what was happening when Mr. Walt Sivertsen walked on the platform during our “Answers” conference in Chicago recently.

Walt was holding something in a frame as he walked to the podium. He told the conference audience gathered at Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church that his creation group, Midwest Creation Fellowship, had passed a resolution—which they called a “spiritual bouquet.” In the resolution, it stated that because the “principalities and powers of darkness have captured the minds of many in our society, and whereas Ken Ham left his homeland of Australia to confront the forces arrayed against God and His Word,” I was being acknowledged by the MCF. I accepted the resolution on behalf of the entire staff of Answers in Genesis.




The Midwest Creation Fellowship exists (as it states on its website) to “encourage fellow Christians by showing that the Genesis account of creation and the subsequent world-wide flood” are supported by history and science. It’s an all-volunteer group that is supported by tax-deductible donations. The MCF conducts science programs, field trips, seminars, and workshops. Find out more at this link.

I also want to thank the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church for hosting our Chicago-area seminar—especially thanking its pastors, father and son James and Jim Scudder. Dr. Andrew Snelling and I also had the opportunity to speak at its college, Dayspring Bible College (and Seminary), and also to its K–12 Christian school. Interestingly, this church is said to have the highest-attended preschool program in the entire country. Find out more about this unique church and its various outreaches at


In the photo, Dr. Andrew Snelling and I are flanked by Dr. James Scudder, senior pastor, and his son Jim Scudder, Jr., executive pastor, of Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church.

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