Has New Knee—But Will Walk 2,000 Miles for the Ark Encounter!

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As you may know, each year AiG partners with Canyon Ministries—led by our good friend Tom Vail—to conduct three to four raft trips on the Colorado River through the incredible Grand Canyon. These raft trips, focusing on creation and Flood geology, typically fill up months before they launch.

Tom has alerted us to the fact that an AiG supporter, Lowell Shoaf of Ohio, will be conducting a special fundraising effort to benefit not only Canyon Ministries, but also Answers in Genesis and the Ark Encounter project.

The journey that Lowell will be on is called “The Canyon-to-Creation Walk and Pray.” Starting in early June, Lowell’s 2,000-mile walk will start at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and during his four months of walking to AiG, he will be bringing awareness and raising financial support for both Canyon Ministries and AiG’s full-size Ark to be built in northern Kentucky.

Why start at the bottom of the Grand Canyon? As Tom Vail explains during his frequent raft trips through the canyon, you can actually see the foundational “basement rock” of the earth, a part of the original creation. As the trail comes up from the bottom of the canyon, it passes through rock layers—about a mile thick—full of fossils, which provide evidence of depositions laid down catastrophically, just as we would expect based on Genesis chapter 6: a result of Noah’s Flood. Because the testimony for the reliability of the Genesis account of the Flood is so evident at the Canyon, it’s fitting that Lowell is using it to help draw attention and donations to the Ark Encounter and its presentation of the Flood and Ark of Noah.

When Lowell gets to the rim of the canyon and looks back at the enormous setting, he will be reminded of the judgment God placed on a sinful world. And then the long walk to AiG and the Creation Museum begins.

By the way, Lowell is 66! And he had a knee replaced a few years ago!

The funds raised by Lowell on his 2,000-mile walk will also benefit the annual “Christian Leaders’ Grand Canyon Trip,” where AiG partners with The Master’s Seminary and Canyon Ministries to provide scholarships to 24 Christian ministry leaders and professors from seminaries and Bible colleges (from all around the world) on a raft trip through the Grand Canyon. The scholars’ trip is designed to equip these influential men with a solid understanding of the Biblical, scientific, and historical data supporting the validity of God’s Word, especially as it relates to the Flood and age of the earth.

Here is Lowell’s website. Please consider supporting Lowell financially by going to this link.

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