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Attend Our Family-Friendly Answers Mega Conference (with the Answers Research Summit)

The chilly days will be behind us soon and summer will be here before we know it—so now is a great time to make your summer plans! The Answers Mega Conference, designed for the whole family to attend, will once again be hosted in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee—about five hours south of our Creation Museum. Join us July 22–26, 2013, for a family event like no other!

At the 2013 Mega Conference, we will offer the following:

  1. There will be a complete children’s program for ages 4–12, allowing your little ones to experience Kingdom Chronicles, AiG’s newest and already-popular VBS program.
  2. We will also have special sessions in the evenings for teens.
  3. The Answers Mega Conference will also will have a variety of optional events, such as a picnic, a geology field trip, and Stargazer’s astronomy nights.
  4. Your conference registration also includes our first-ever Answers Research Summit—an in-depth scientific mini-conference, held on Thursday and Friday. It’s a unique opportunity to hear presentations from creation scientists.
  5. Registration includes free admission to the Creation Museum. Stop by and visit the Creation Museum on your way to or from the Mega Conference. If the museum is not on your way, don’t worry: each registrant will receive a voucher for your family that may be redeemed any time before 12/31/13.
Special speakers include Todd Friel, Eric Hovind, Mark Coppenger, and Bill Jack—plus many popular AiG speakers. Session topics we will cover include creation apologetics, effective evangelism, biblical authority, and the sanctity of life, marriage, and family.

The Answers Research Summit, held at the end of the Mega Conference, is an in-depth technical conference similar to the Creation Colleges AiG has held in the past. The Answers Research Summit will cover issues central to the battle over origins, the age of the earth, and the authority of Scripture.

This mini-technical conference is included free with your registration to the Answers Mega Conference, or it can be registered for separately.

The Thursday evening session will focus on issues in creationist biology—in particular, the determining of the created kinds of Genesis 1 and the limits to biological changes, which conclusively demonstrate that molecules-to-man evolution cannot and has not happened. The Friday morning session will cover young-earth issues (specifically the supposed millions of years that are ruled out by Scripture), astronomy, and geology (the latter presentation being focused on radioactive dating methods).

The Answers Research Summit presentations will be aimed at providing updates on some of the latest creationist research in biology, biblical scholarship, astronomy, and geology. All presenters are specialists in their fields. Much of the content will be new, based on current and ongoing research. Though technical, every effort will be made to explain all details, so that all attendees (suggested ages 15 and up) will be well armed with the latest cutting-edge information on the topics being covered.

This is a not-to-be-missed event for families, plus serious students of science and Scripture!

You can register for the Answers Research Summit on the event page, or visit to register for the Answers Mega Conference, which includes the Answers Research Summit free.

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