Intolerant Academic

by Ken Ham on March 12, 2013

James McGrath is an Associate Professor in the Religion and Philosophy department at Butler University, Indiana. He has written a number of scathing blog posts against me and Answers in Genesis.

Now, we are reminded time and time again by academics that a university is supposed to be a place for the free exchange of ideas. But McGrath can't tolerate that view.

Recently the BSFM (Butler Staff and Faculty Ministry) sent an invitation to faculty, staff, and students to attend a brown bag lunch presentation by AiG researcher and writer Dr. Terry Mortenson.

James McGrath, who can't tolerate anyone who holds an orthodox Christian position as we do at AiG, wrote to the BSFM stating:

I would like to express my dismay that BSFM has chosen to invite a representative of an organization opposed to not only the mission of Butler University, but also the historic Christian faith and respect for the Bible, to our campus. Answers in Genesis promotes views which are at odds with both the scientific evidence and what the Bible says.

I have blogged more than once about Terry Mortenson's previous visit to campus. Here is a link to one example.

I wonder what motivates the invitation of someone who represents an organization that brings the Christian faith into disrepute. Those who make false claims, and who maintain that the making of such claims is what it means to be a Christian, do only harm to the faith. That is what Answers in Genesis does. They persuade many people that they have to choose between what science concludes and Christianity, and in a self-fulfilling prophecy, many people who then discover the weight and extent of the scientific evidence then leave their faith.

Of course, part of his intolerance is that he doesn’t even want students, faculty or staff to hear the things Dr. Mortenson will present because they may expose the utter bankruptcy of the anti-biblical position held by McGrath.

You can read his blog post expressing his intolerance at this link.

AiG Resources in Greenville

Starting today, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary is hosting a theology conference, and the theme is the Doctrine of Man. The conference continues through Thursday and will deal with questions such as “Was there human death before the Fall?” Answers in Genesis is excited to be among the vendors at this conference, where we can offer those in attendance materials that are rooted in the Word of God. We pray that God will use our books and DVDs to change people’s hearts and minds when it comes to the authority of His Word, especially since there will surely be people in attendance who do not hold to a young earth or a literal Genesis.

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