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Last June, I mentioned in my blog that an AiG supporter, Ellen Bauer, has brought six groups with her all the way from Iowa, perhaps 250 people total, to our Creation Museum. Now, she does not live just down the road from our northern Kentucky museum. She makes about a 1,100-mile round-trip journey! And she has visited the museum many times on her own—she has lost count!

Ellen is planning another museum group trip this September, so if you live in Iowa or states surrounding, this would be an excellent piggyback opportunity for you to join a group of Christians as they spend two days at the museum. Indeed, Ellen has been here so many times, that she knows that spending just one day at the Creation Museum is not enough to take it all in. In fact, last year we instituted a new two-day ticket policy, where each ticket would be good for two days at the museum (consecutive days). It was advice from people like Ellen who suggested that we add a second day as a bonus (at no extra charge).

Here is a link to a web article announcing Ellen’s next museum trip, which also includes taking in a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. She has made all the arrangements, so most of the planning has already been taken care of for you.

Ellen has traveled from Iowa to the Creation Museum about 20 times in five years! She’s probably logged well more than 20,000 miles, back and forth. She will spend many months promoting her bus tours to the museum, and as a result, she often finds passengers from many nearby states who will join her.

Here is a photo of the group she brought a couple of years ago:


Now, coming from the east rather than the west on a group tour of the museum are our friends Marc and Sheila Jacobs of Pittsburgh. They will lead several people on a five-hour drive here to northern Kentucky. Here is what Sheila posted to Facebook about their next trip here, which happens later this month:

NEXT CREATION MUSEUM TRIP -- hosted by Marc Jacobs..... Touring the museum on Fri, March 22nd. We usually travel down on Thurs. (where we stay overnight is only a  4-1/2 hour trip, so it can be driven after work or school on Thurs, and we stay about 45 min away from museum.)

Some drive back after the museum trip on Fri night. It closes at 6 PM -- and many stay 2 nights at the Hampton Inn where we stay off I-71 (right where an outlet mall is) and leave Sat.

If you want more info -- please let me know! We have many friends who have asked about going, SO ANYONE is welcome!!! Even if you live in another state ..... You can meet up with us!!! Honestly you will have the BEST tour with my husband along!! We have been maybe 15 times now; taken over 400 people! He answers questions & explains things ~ it's just amazing!!!! HOPE YOU CAN COME!!!!

Find out more about this group coming from Pennsylvania—and think about joining them—at this link.

Over the years, Sheila and Marc have hosted more than 400 visitors, with over 30 people already signed up for the trip this month.

So, if you live in or around Iowa or Pennsylvania and would like to visit the Creation Museum, much of the planning has been done for you!

We have been thrilled with the attendance at the Creation Museum during this winter. On many days, the number of visitors exceeded those for the same time last year!

Go to to find out more about the Creation Museum.

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