Biblical Creation and “Child Abuse”

by Ken Ham on February 14, 2013

Well, yet another evolutionist is claiming that creationism is “child abuse.” Lawrence Krauss, a professor at Arizona State University, recently announced that he believes teaching biblical creation to youngsters is “child abuse.” Of course, he’s just one among a number of atheists and evolutionists who has leveled this charge against creationists. What’s more, Krauss makes the fallacious claim that technological advancement is tied to a belief in evolution—an argument that I’ve refuted many times on this website and in my public talks. Krauss is an ardent atheist and even goes to so far as to directly blaspheme the atoning work of Christ!

In response, Steve Golden (AiG–U.S.) and I have written an article addressing Lawrence Krauss’s views, including how he blasphemed Christ in a well-watched video. It’s the lead article on the Answers in Genesis website today. I urge you to read it so that you will be able to respond to the claims of skeptics like Krauss. The article begins as follows:

Are you committing a form of “child abuse”? If you are teaching your child that God’s Word in Genesis is true, then Dr. Lawrence Krauss, professor of physics and director of the Origins program at Arizona State University, believes you are indeed committing child abuse. Actually, this is not the first time this charge has been leveled against creationists. We have seen increasing attempts by atheists (like Krauss) to malign and marginalize Bible-believing Christians by making such outrageous accusations. Because these secularists cannot prove their atheistic beliefs about origins scientifically, the best tactic they can come up with is to malign Christians through emotionally charged and baseless accusations.

In an interview with Big Think, a group that describes itself as “a knowledge forum featuring the ideas, lessons, stories and advice of leading experts from around the world,” Dr. Krauss explained his remarkably negative view of teaching biblical creation.1 He goes to the point of calling the teaching of biblical creation a form of “child abuse” and makes the fallacious claim that if children are not taught evolution, technological advancement will cease. Such a charge is ridiculous. This is yet another example of a university professor who just does not fully understand science, or if he does, he does not want the public to know how he is portraying science incorrectly. By attempting to connect evolution (meaning “big-bang”-molecules-to-man evolution) with “technological advancement,” he is mixing historical science (beliefs about the past) with operational (observational) science, which is what is used to develop our modern technology.

You may read the rest of the article on our front page.

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