A Tiny Feathered Dino?

by Ken Ham

Yet another supposed “feathered dinosaur” fossil has come to light, again in China. (Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, AiG–U.S., reported on another Chinese fossil of a supposed feathered dinosaur in April 2012) Now, one headline described the fossil as “almost birdlike,” and the authors of the report in Nature Communications note many features the fossil shares with living birds, particularly those that live on the ground.  In fact, Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell and Dr. David Menton (AiG–U.S.) both examined the photos of the fossil and the criteria the authors used in classifying the fossil as a dinosaur. They agreed that it is a bird, not a feathered dinosaur.

The report claimed that the fossil is between 153 and 165 million years old. Not only that, but the researchers have based all their findings on the assumption that birds are just highly evolved dinosaurs. You see, their whole system of thought is so rooted in evolutionary ideas—like common ancestry—that they can’t see the problems with their own analyses. Despite all the problems with the idea that a dinosaur could evolve into a bird, they still insist these fossils are proof that some dinosaurs had feathers.

The fossil record doesn’t reveal any kind of dinosaur-to-bird evolution—and it certainly does not show  a molecules-to-man evolution. We have no proof of transitional forms, and we won’t. God’s Word says clearly that He created animals and plants according to their kinds (Genesis 1). Through genetic loss and other factors, new species have emerged over time—but birds are still birds and apes are still apes. Nothing in the history of biology has legitimately shown that dinosaurs could develop the genetic information to evolve into birds.

I urge you to read Dr. Mitchell’s much more detailed analysis in today’s News to Note so that you’ll be prepared to respond to the skeptical claims related to this fossil.

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Note:  I thank Steve Golden for his work in preparing this blog.

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