Astronomy Conference

by Ken Ham

On July 8–10, Concordia University in Wisconsin will host a creation conference with the theme, “The Heavens Declare: What Astronomy Can Tell Us About Biblical Creation.” Keynote speakers are Dr. Danny Faulkner and Dr. Don DeYoung, both members of the Creation Research Society (CRS).

Having retired from his university professorship, Dr.Faulkner also now serves on the staff of Answers in Genesis. The conference is being arranged by the cofounders of the Society of Creation, a 52-member biblical creation organization within the Concordia University System—ten universities operated by The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. While the Concordia University System is a Lutheran system of institutions, the conference is open to members of all denominations. Dr. Faulkner has informed me that both cofounders, Dr. Gary Locklair, on the computer science faculty at Concordia University (Wisconsin), and Dr. Joel Heck, on the theology faculty at Concordia University (Texas), are members of CRS.

“Disney Has Nothing” on the Creation Museum!

After reading this email, I though I would share this in its entirety. What an encouragement!

Dear Creation Museum,

I wanted to take a chance upon returning from our first trip to the museum to thank you for a great trip. Our adventure started this summer when we attended Word of Life family camp and heard Ken Ham and Buddy Davis speak. I have always heard of the powerful message of AIG—then we were able to experience the message first hand. While at the conference my wife and I were so moved by the presentations and messages that we purchased a charter membership to the Ark Encounter online. . . .

I had hoped to take my family to Disney this winter during our break, but was moved to use the funds in a different way. Having not grown up in the church and never really hearing the church address the biblical account of creation, we were excited to hear someone speak with great conviction of the validity of scripture. If the rest of scripture is true and trustworthy, then the whole account must therefore be true and trustworthy.

The Museum did not disappoint. The whole facility screams the message of God's word and how He has reached out to mankind. Wanting to visit the museum for many years, the time had come. God had provided the funding to buy into a great legacy which in turn provided the passes to be able to enjoy the musem over a four day period.

With an 8 yr old boy, it was nice to take it in in small chunks. The staff was incredibly helpful and very professional. My son has food allergies and the kitchen staff, along with the chef ,were extemly helpful in being able to find foods he could enjoy onsite.

We highly recommend all should take the time to see the museum and learn how powerful the message of the Bible can come to life. I pray in the face of much opposition, all involved in the ministry of AiG would take comfort that the ministry has a powerful message and is needed now more than ever. Thank you again for such a great time and for leaving a legacy that my whole family can benefit from. Disney has nothing on the enjoyment and truth you all provide. God Bless you all. Thanks."

–R. E. & T. E., Connecticut

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