How Do You Answer Your Kids When They Ask About Dinosaurs and the Bible?

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Dinosaurs for Kids book cover

I wrote a book a few years ago called Dinosaurs for Kids to help young people understand the biblical history of dinosaurs. The book has become quite popular, selling over 40,000 copies to date. You can get the book in our online store.

Recently, my publisher Master Books has released an enhanced digital copy of this book available from iTunes. This enhanced edition offers many new features including: pop-outs, sound bites, 3D imagery, video, detail pages on over 40 dinosaurs (I even say the dinosaur names for you), and much more. It can be used as an advanced teaching tool and all-around fun for you and your family!

Kids will uncover the facts about dinosaur history from creation about 6,000 years ago to recent discoveries. We will go on a journey through time to explore these awesome wonders of God’s design. We will look at what I call the Seven F’s of dinosaur history: formed, fearless, fallen, flood, faded, found, and fiction. With just a few taps of your screen, you will discover special features throughout every page.

Check out this short video demonstration on YouTube.

Dino on iPad

Here is a photo showing the enchanted digital version on an iPad.

Make sure you have the answers when your children begin asking the tough questions about dinosaurs and evolution. Help them learn in a fun way while presenting the facts. The dinosaur issue can be a stumbling block for some people, many times because they just do not have the answers. Make sure your family is informed so they know they can always rely on God’s Word as a true history book of our world. By the way, kids will love this on the family iPad.

Get your copy now from iTunes—you won’t be disappointed!

This is all part of our theme this year to rescue our kids from this present evil age.

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