USA Will Become Like the UK—The Battle for the Culture

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The battle for the culture in the UK (United Kingdom) continues to be lost from a Christian perspective! A recent article reported that Prime Minister David Cameron came out in support of same-sex couples being able to marry in UK churches (UK registrars currently cannot legally officiate same-sex marriage ceremonies), and a bill to that effect will be voted on in 2013. (Read the full report at this link.) You see, the UK has been in a downward spiral for years as far as the church and biblical authority are concerned. I’ve given these statistics many times before—church attendance in the UK is very low (from around 60% generations ago to 6.3% according to a recent report in the Telegraph).

Well, David Cameron’s view on gay “marriage” is being considered a historic moment, because “it means that all three party leaders now support a historic equality reform.” And sadly, Cameron is violating the views of half his party by taking such a stance on such “marriages” in churches—all because “he believes the public are relaxed about the idea.” Since a majority of the people seems to be in favor of gay “marriage” in churches, Cameron wants to support it.

Now, in my book The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years, I wrote a section explaining why we cannot base our morality on man’s opinion. I’ve included it here because I believe it addresses the major problems with what is happening in the UK (and is happening here in the USA also):

 What would happen if your son came home and said, “Dad, I am going to marry Bill tomorrow”? Sadly, such is becoming more commonplace these days.

You would likely say, “You can’t do that, son! It’s just not done!”

What if your son replied, “Yes it is, Dad. There are even churches that will marry us”? If you were not a Christian, what would you say to your son? Can you have any basis, any justification, for insisting that he should not live a homosexual lifestyle if he wants to?

When attempting to justify why they do or do not have a particular belief, many people today often have opinions rather than reasons. It is sometimes interesting to watch interviews on television news programs. I recall one program on Australian television years ago in which people were interviewed and asked to express their opinions concerning a government department’s ruling to grant homosexual couples benefits similar to those received by married heterosexual couples. Some of the opinions expressed went like this: “It’s not right.” “It goes against my grain.” “It’s wrong.” “It’s not normal.” “It’s bad.” “It shouldn’t happen.” “It’s not good.” “It shouldn’t be allowed.” “Why shouldn’t they?” “People can do what they like!” Many other similar expressions were stated. But because such statements are only opinions, and thus subjective, we have seen the change that has occurred in the culture as gay marriage and the homosexual lifestyle has become more and more accepted by the culture as a whole throughout our Western world.

The change caused by following opinions in regard to the homosexual lifestyle is very evident in American culture. More and more states are embracing gay marriage and passing laws that are favorable to it. But this sort of thinking has also infiltrated the church as some Christians have tried to argue based simply on opinions rather than on the absolute authority of Scripture.

You see, man’s opinions change, but the Word of God does not. Scripture is the consistent standard of morality (Romans 1:24–27). There is some concern in the UK that if a law is made allowing same-sex couples to marry in churches, then those churches that still oppose gay “marriage” may be forced to perform these ceremonies. Now, Cameron has said that won’t happen. But you know, it wouldn’t surprise me if the UK isheaded that way. One of Cameron’s Conservative Party colleagues even expressed this same concern, “Despite the PM’s assurance, the redefinition of marriage—because of the European Convention on Human Rights—will force churches to marry same-sex couples.”

And sadly, if the decline of the culture continues in the US, we’ll look a lot like the UK before long. I urge you to read my book The Lie, because it outlines what is happening to our nation, which was once permeated by Christian thinking but becomes more anti-Christian each day. You see, if we don’t want to lose the culture, then we have to capture the hearts and minds of our children and stand firmly on the Word of God.

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