National Radio Host to Speak at the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham

Pastor Don Stewart is a best-selling author—having authored or co-authored over seventy books—and national co-host of the Pastor’s Perspective radio program. He authored the best-selling Answers to Tough Questions with Josh McDowell as well as the award-winning book, Family Handbook of Christian Knowledge: The Bible. His writings have been translated into thirty languages and have sold over a million copies.

Don will be a guest speaker at our Creation Museum on Saturday, December 8.

Pastor Stewart has traveled around the world defending the Christian faith. He has also taught both Hebrew and Greek at the undergraduate level (and Greek at the graduate level). He is currently co-hosting the national daily call-in show, Pastor’s Perspective, with Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. They field questions about the Bible and the Christian faith.

That’s December 8 at our museum, and then I invite you to stay through the evening for our wonderful Christmas Town celebration.

A Broadcaster Against a Literal Genesis

While we appreciate broadcasters like Pastor Stewart who take a strong stand on Genesis, I must mention (as I have on my Facebook page) that 700 Club TV host Pat Robertson has once again declared his belief that the earth is very old, and that dinosaurs somehow prove this. Read our major article today by Dr. Tommy Mitchell,  where he examines what Pat Robertson said a few days ago.

Videos Around America!

Our DVDs have been shown in thousands of churches and classrooms around America. We praise God for the many blessings we hear from those people who have been equipped and edified in their Christian faith! Many, such as my good friend Dan E. in Cincinnati, have even come to know the Lord through as a result of His using these resources. I’ll see Dan again in a couple of weeks.

One part of our video ministry is not as well known—our video conference outreach, where we have almost 100 trained volunteers throughout America who show our videos in churches (and other venues). These are churches that might not be able to afford to bring out a speaker from our Cincinnati area. Many of these churches host one of our volunteers to coordinate a video conference, where usually my videos—such as those in the new “Foundations” DVD series—are shown on a large screen. Our videos can be shown to churches of any size. The cost to organize such an event is very low, so if you live in a smaller town or attend a small church and have never thought of holding an AiG program in your church, school, Bible club, etc., this is something to look into. Go to our outreach event request page and select “Video Conference.”

Our video conference ministry coordinator is Dave Brown, and he gave an update on the video program to us at a recent staff meeting. Dave also shared something of his testimony. He was a very worldly 50-year-old man when God touched him, primarily through a lot of reading on biblical apologetics. He became an on-fire Christian, and after being trained by Bob and Jan Thompson of our staff, he now oversees several dozen volunteers. These volunteers are not only showing our videos in various venues across America, but they are also helping in other ways (trying to get our radio program on their local station, donating books to local libraries, writing letters to the editor on topics related to biblical authority, etc.).

Here is a picture of Dave as he shared with our staff recently.

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