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Since we have a very nice restaurant inside the Creation Museum, called Noah’s Café, and because we offer discounts to our staff members to eat there, we have noticed that many of our staff choose to join museum guests and fellowship with them over a meal.

One museum guest, David C. of Ohio—someone who has been to the museum dozens of times since it opened five years ago (and he lives about two hours away so he’s not exactly close by)—recently brought his young grandson to our museum. Here is what David reported about the conversation he had with a staff member during lunch at the museum, with his four-year-old grandson overhearing it:

He will probably never forget giving you a “high five,” but more importantly, [he will recall] the things he heard. Amazingly, he was thinking about the things he heard us talking about during lunch. On the way home, he was full of questions and comments like: “Grandpa, what did he mean when he said his son got saved?” And “What did he mean when he said his boy was baptized?”

That was the highlight of my day. I was able to give him Scriptural answers. At his age, only God knows how much he really understands. He asked me a lot of questions about God and Jesus, and again about salvation. There were a lot of comments about dinosaurs. It was quite a conversation with a four-year old, and it lasted at least 100 miles of the trip back home.

He had a good time with a number of the museum staff. I gave my grandson a number of DVDs, and when we got home, he would not go to bed until he had viewed all of them.

I had been introduced to the occult at the age of eleven years. I saw a lot of the wickedness and defilement of the world. I was very angry and resentful. I was not a Christian at the time, but fortunately had a good upbringing. By age 18, I chose to follow Christ, on Father’s Day 1974.

It’s encouraging to know that even a four-year-old museum visitor is listening to spiritual things and pondering them later, including watching our videos. That’s a part of the whole museum experience for our guests.

Here’s an idea for you to consider. I hope you’re planning to come to the museum during one of our eight evenings in December when we hold our wonderful Christmas Town events—live Nativity, tens of thousands of spectacular lights, Bible-based dramas, etc. (By the way, over 25,000 visitors turned out last year over eight evenings.) Why not invite a non-Christian friend to join you for a special Christmas dinner at the museum and then see the free attractions on the beautifully decorated museum grounds—and be exposed to the gospel? Enjoy a delicious turkey dinner (with a beverage) in Noah’s Café for only $6.49 during these Christmas Town evenings. Also, museum admission is only $5 after 5 p.m. on those nights.

Find out more about our Christmas Town outreach—including the dates—at

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