The Age of the Earth . . . and Smoke Detectors!

by Ken Ham

Well, children’s TV host Bill Nye’s understanding of science is worse than I thought. A few days ago, Bill Nye was interviewed on CNN about the age of the earth (this topic was a hot one in America because of headline news after Sen. Marco Rubio was asked a question about what he believed concerning the age of the earth).

Bill Nye in this CNN interview actually equated the age of the earth to the invention of smoke detectors. Hard to believe—but he did!

As I have said before in my two YouTube responses to Bill Nye (Ken Ham Responds to Bill Nye "The Humanist Guy" and Ken Ham Responds to Intolerant Bill Nye Defenders), he either doesn’t understand (or doesn’t want others to understand) the difference between operational (observational) science—which builds our technology—and historical science (beliefs about the past).

We publicly challenged Bill Nye to debate AiG scientist Dr. Georgia Purdom, and we also sent an official letter to Bill Nye and another to his agent to challenge him to a public debate. Seven weeks later, we have received no response.

I once again challenge Bill Nye to give us one example of how evolution has anything to do with the development of technology, and to explain how smoke detectors have anything to do with the age of the earth—when a detector is actually the result of intelligent observational science and the accumulated information about the properties of matter that enabled inventors to build such technology.

Someone who is a creationist is certainly capable of inventing wonderful technologies. For example, Dr. Raymond Damadian—inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame—invented the MRI, which has saved countless lives. And Bill Nye would lead you to believe that evolutionary thinking somehow enables people to be inventive and productive in society!

When the CNN reporter asked Bill Nye how he knew the earth was billions of years old—he mumbled something about Rubidium Strontium and half lives. But anyone can make such statements. He didn’t explain at all (probably because he himself doesn’t understand) that all dating methods are based on numerous assumptions about the past. He needs to read the many articles on this subject on the AiG website. Actually, by far the majority of dating methods give dates that contradict billions of years.

It is also very telling that when someone like Bill Nye is interviewed on CNN, the media generally give an evolutionist all the time he needs. If they do ask an AiG scientist to be interviewed, the media usually have someone there to oppose the creationist—who is not allowed the time needed to explain things properly and usually cut off.

But that’s typically how it is with secular media that is generally not interested in truth but rather in pushing their very liberal humanistic agenda on the public.

Here is the link to the CNN interview if you really want to waste a few minutes of your time watching his rambling, sometimes incoherent answers to the CNN questions.

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