“Crazy” and now “Criminal”

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Recently, I blogged about well-known commentator Andrew Sullivan who appeared on ABC television’s special election edition of This Week with George Stephanopoulos and said, “They deny that evolution takes place. I think that puts you in a crazy category.” See Are You Crazy? for my previous blog post on this subject.

What I see happening more and more is that those who oppose the biblical account of creation and believe evolution will try to malign creationists by calling them names—accusing them of being “crazy” or of “child abuse” (for some of my blog posts on this topic, see Origins and “Child Abuse” and also Who Is Really Conducting the “Child Abuse”?).

We have even been accused of promoting “terrorism” (see Incredible Charges that the Creation Museum promotes “Terrorism” and “Child Abuse”).

What we note is that these name callers and false accusers don’t give any logical arguments—they don’t give scientific arguments—because they can’t!

I think these opposers of God’s Word hope that if they malign Bible-believing Christians enough, maybe people will start to believe it.

Well, as my home country is Australia and my home city Brisbane, I thought you would be interested to see Australian secularists also involved in this name calling and maligning. They posted on the Brisbane atheists’ message board in a response to my blog post that reported on the recent ministry in North Carolina where we had thousands of children attend. One person posted the following on the Brisbane atheists’ message board about me and our ministry to teach children the truth of God’s Word:

I hope that sometime in the future this kind of deliberate misleading of people and especially kids can be treated as a criminal breach of the law, and those who commit such breaches are excluded from society permanently.

What these type of people are doing is damaging our species by inhibiting our ability to free our minds from superstition and the dream like notions of how we came to be and where we are going.

And to think that this idiot believes that all the research and evidence which proves evolution can be simply brushed away by the simple answer of "where you there". How can you possibly deal with this type of person, they are psychologically ill and like all dangers nut casers should be put somewhere to reduce the risk of them harming others. (http://www.meetup.com/BrisbaneAtheists/messages/boards/thread/28290412/)

Note the lack of logical argument—the lack of evidence and the lack of scientific arguments. These atheists are so upset because they want to get your kids and train them to be atheists like them!

This reminded me once again of the importance of the AiG theme for the next two years:

  • Standing Our Ground
  • Rescuing Our Kids  (Galatians 1:4)
See Rescuing Our Kids to learn more about our theme.

Yes, we are going to be more aggressive than ever to rescue our kids from this present evil age:  “Who gave Himself for our sins so that He might rescue us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father” (Galatians 1:4, NASB).

Let’s do all we can to rescue our children from the clutches of these atheists who, in their willful rebellion against God, want to take your kids to hell with them.

Let’s be diligent in teaching our kids the truth about God’s Word and the gospel, equipping them to defend the Christian faith in this “evil age.”

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