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I was thrilled to see my revised, updated, and expanded edition of my book The Lie published recently. As the book has been in print for 25 years (which is phenomenal), we published a twenty-fifth anniversary edition.

This book is really the “textbook” of the Answers in Genesis ministry—it is the message this ministry is built upon (of course the Bible is the ultimate foundation of the ministry). The Lie really details why it is so important that Christians take Genesis as literal history and not compromise God’s Word with evolution/millions of years.

At a special dessert evening at the Creation Museum this past Saturday, a number of supporters came to hear me talk about the history and message of The Lie. They also participated in a silent auction. Here are some photographs taken during the evening:

Here I am with AiG staff member Jennifer Huff as I sign special hardcover collector editions of The Lie.

I am greeting one of our young supporters!

These are some of the auction items.

Before I gave my presentation, AiG VP Dale Mason interviewed me about how The Lie came to be written.

Here I am with the AiG supporter who won a 25-year-old first edition of The Lie (another was auctioned on eBay) and the number 2 of 1,500 hardcover copies of the twenty-fifth anniversary edition.

You can obtain a copy of this important book to the biblical creation ministry on the online store.

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