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It’s not too late to register for the 2012 College Expo.

On November 16 and 17, we will host 26 colleges and universities that hold to a young-earth, literal interpretation of the creation in Genesis.

Students and parents will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from these schools to help them in their decisions regarding higher education choices.

As we have seen and reported here many times, so many in the academic world want to discredit, compromise, or totally discount the Bible as the ultimate authority. It is a wise parent and student who seek colleges that will not destroy their faith. Parents and students spend many thousands of dollars on college fees—make the investment a wise one, as there eternal consequences!

The College Expo is absolutely free and includes free admission to the Creation Museum for students.

You can sign up at  (You can register at the door, but it would help us if as many as possible register online.)

Parents attending with their student also receive a special offer of a $10 ticket price to the museum.

Participating schools include the following:

  • Appalachian Bible College
  • Arrowhead Bible College
  • Bob Jones University
  • Calvary Bible College & Theological Seminary
  • Cedarville University
  • Dayspring Bible College & Seminary
  • Emmaus Bible College
  • Fairhaven Baptist College
  • God’s Bible College
  • Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • Jackson Hole Bible College
  • Kentucky Mountain Bible College
  • Liberty University
  • Maranatha Baptist Bible College
  • Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Mid-Continent University
  • Montana Bible College
  • Northland International University
  • Ohio Christian University
  • Patrick Henry College
  • Pensacola Christian College
  • Piedmont international University
  • The Master’s College
  • Verity Institute
  • Welch College
  • Word of Life Bible Institute
Attend our second annual College Expo to meet representatives from 26 colleges and universities that uphold a literal, young-earth worldview. This free event is held on November 16 and 17, 2012. Register at

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