The Foolishness of Evolutionists

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“Professing to be wise, they became fools,”  (Romans 1:22).

I couldn't help but think of Romans 1:22 when I read a ridiculous article on the National Public Radio (NPR) website supposedly connecting evolution with the coming election. The article was introduced this way:
As part of NPR's coverage of this year's presidential election, All Things Considered asked three science reporters to weigh in on the race. The result is a three-part series on the science of leadership.
And then we read this foolishness:
Voters could learn some things about choosing a leader from a fish. Or a chimp. Or an elephant.
Oh really now. But then again, if these scientists really believe all plants and animals and humans are related—then of course they would believe this nonsense!  And that is what it is—nonsense! The article also states:
“One common property we see in animal groups from schooling fish to flocking birds to primate groups is that they effectively vote to decide where to go and what to do,” Couzin says.
When one fish heads toward a potential source of food, the other fish vote with their fins on whether to follow, he says. And this highly democratic process helps animals make decisions as a group that are better than those of any single member.
Successful animal leaders know they can’t get too far ahead of their constituents, Couzin says.
“They seem to simply reconcile their own goal-oriented behavior with this tendency to align with others,” he says. “Because if you don't tend to be influenced by others, you then leave the group behind, and you may get eaten by predators, or you lose the benefits of group living.”
Findings like this are relevant to humans because we carry a lot of evolutionary baggage with us into the voting booth, Couzin says. And when it comes to leadership, he says, we are most like animals that live in groups and depend on cooperation to survive. And these groups tend to pick cooperative leaders . . . .
I just can't wait to read the other articles in this series!! Yes, Romans 1:22 certainly describes these people. Let me tell you how I believe one should vote:  We shouldn’t vote for someone because they are Republican, Democrat, Independent, “black” or “white”—or whatever—as Christians, we should judge what a person believes against the absolute authority of the Word of God, and then vote accordingly! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying, Ken

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