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Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to speak yet again at the Word of Life conference facilities in beautiful upstate New York, with AiG’s Buddy Davis providing the music.

Word of Life is focused on reaching young people around the world with the gospel of Christ and discipling them through camps, Bible Institutes, and local churches. Jack Wyrtzen founded this worldwide ministry about 70 years ago. I can’t believe this visionary has been gone for more than 20 years.

The former director of Word of Life Fellowship, George Theis (serving as director 1991–1999), came to the Creation Museum recently. He is best known for expanding Word of Life internationally, with ten new locations, for a total now of 44 countries where Word of Life ministers.

AiG speakers have given presentations to the Word of Life Bible College students each year for about 20 years now. We also have conducted many AiG conferences at the Word Of Life Inn (as we did just a few months ago). We highly value our relationship with this Bible College that stands on the authority of the Word of God beginning in Genesis.

The photo below, taken in the museum, shows George, his wife Joan, their grandson Lucas (of Argentina), and me.

George, Joan, Lucas, and Ken

Next year, we will be launching more initiatives to reach teens and children with apologetics teaching and the gospel—to rescue them from the secularists who want to capture our youth for their religion of humanism and atheism. It has been great to partner with Word of Life over the years in presenting biblical truths to thousands of young people.

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