ABC Getting Rave Reviews

by Ken Ham on October 17, 2012

AiG’s new Bible curriculum for Sunday schools (Answers Bible Curriculum) is really taking off and getting rave reviews.

AiG speaker, researcher, and writer Dr. Georgia Purdom wrote a blog post on the curriculum recently. She began this way.

A few weeks ago, I received this testimony about AiG resources from Kathy, a senior pastor’s wife in Nevada.
I really want to encourage you, Dr. Purdom, and the work you are doing with Answers in Genesis. We, at Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain in Las Vegas, are preaching and teaching the same fundamental truths from the same starting point and are thrilled with your new resources! Currently, we are doing the Foundations course as a class for our church (men, women, & teens), and having special break-out sessions for the teens to give them opportunities for mock debates to learn how to graciously and intelligently defend their faith. They are thriving and loving it!

We are also using the AIG Sunday school curriculum. Dr. Purdom, I want to encourage you with what I am seeing. Even though the curriculum is designed to reach the intended age audience, what we are experiencing is that our teachers are so excited about what they are learning, their enthusiasm about the content and how it is presented is transforming our children’s ministry (hence, teachers -> students -> Church -> etc!).

To God be the glory! The teachers are so stoked about what they are learning that they cannot contain themselves! God is totally blessing the work of your hands. There is so much fruit, and it is fruit that will remain for all of eternity! Praise God!

I encourage you to read the rest of Dr. Purdom’s post (and find out about her own experiences with this curriculum)—I believe you will be blessed and will want to find out more about AiG’s ABC!

To find out more about ABC and how to order, go to

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