Ark Exhibit Coming

by Ken Ham on October 3, 2012

Visitors to the Creation Museum have been asking about the large structure they see under construction at the side of the Creation Museum.

This structure is a full-scale model of one bay in Noah’s Ark, like the one we will be building in Williamstown, Kentucky. Various exhibits will be placed in these bays as people walk through the Ark. This structure is only one bay of one floor (it has a mezzanine level).

Imagine two more bays stacked on this one and about 40 of these for each floor—you’ll realize how big the Ark structure will be and how much room we will have for exhibits to teach the truth of God’s Word and the gospel. There will be a total of over 130 bays in the Ark.

Here is a photo of the structure under construction at the Creation Museum.

Ark Structure

When it is finished in a couple of weeks, there will be a number of signs installed to help people understand the size of this one bay in relation to the size of the whole Ark. Yes, Noah’s Ark was huge! Find out more about our Ark project at

Make sure you come and visit the Creation Museum soon and take a look at this Ark bay!

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