Another Raving Fan—A Creation Museum Review from an Idaho Mom

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I was so thrilled to get this letter from a woman in Idaho who visited the Creation Museum with her family. I trust her “raving fan” comments will encourage you as much as they did me, and if you have never been to our high-tech, family-friendly museum, it will encourage you to visit us. Now that we are out of the busy summer season, you don’t have to be concerned about the crowds; and our botanical garden—an attraction in itself—is beautiful right now.

If you doubt that the museum is worth a trip to our Cincinnati area, read on . . .

This spring, a dream came true for our family . . . we took a road trip out to Kentucky to visit your Creation Museum. We drove 2,100 miles one way to get there, but it was worth every mile!

I want to take this opportunity to express how your ministry has been such a tremendous blessing to our family. Of the several ministries dedicated to [creation] and to defending the Gospel, by far Answers in Genesis is our absolute favorite.

I am a home-schooling mother of two, and I consider your wide variety of resources to be invaluable, both educationally and spiritually. Hardly a day goes by when some member of ourfamily isn’t browsing your website for activities, books, or media to be used at home or church. Your video on demand section is amazing—thank you for generously allowing us to access [your videos] and wealth of knowledgeable sources!

We were able to spend two full days at the Creation Museum, and it seemed like each day we were the first to arrive and the last to leave. None of us wanted to miss out on a moment! I cannot even begin to explain how that experience strengthened us as a family. My mind is filled with memories.

The Creation Museum innovatively brings the Bible to life, and then extends the invitation for us to journey through it.

Your themed exhibits surpassed our expectations. Uncompromising detail was portrayed in every aspect of the displays, and the quality was truly a reflection of the passionate heart you have for our Creator and the truth of His Scriptures! I honestly cannot comprehend how anyone can travel through the Creation Museum and not become a believer. The museum is such a compelling presentation of the Bible.

The animatronic Noah was my absolute favorite in the museum! I pulled up a seat in front of him, pressed all the buttons at least once, and listened to Noah’s responses that were heartfelt on so many levels. I’m not ashamed to admit that tears came to my eyes as I reflected on the comparison of Jesus as our present-day Ark of Salvation, a concept I learned from AiG. I now incorporate this parallel while teaching small group Bible studies and children’s church.

Your planetarium and special effects theater were truly wondrous!

My son and daughter (ages 11 and 13) were so very impressed with the many dinosaurs displayed throughout the museum. They have studied these fantastic creatures for years, and what a thrill it was to be up close and personal with your remarkably crafted sculptures. My children are huge fans of all things AiG, soaking up biblical truths every chance they get. Speaking as a parent, I see your organization as a precious gift to me, and I appreciate the responsibility you have assumed in equipping the family and giving us an understanding of the times we are living in!

We have integrated a wide variety of AiG DVDs, books, magazines, pamphlets, wall charts, and educational curricula into our church library.

Thank you for your faithfulness to your calling. God willing, we will be back to experience the Ark Encounter when that is completed . . . a very exciting prospect! Be encouraged and know that west of the Rockies, and in this corner of North Idaho, a family has partnered with your ministry to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ.

—A.G., Idaho

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