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One of my closest friends is Dan Wooster. He shared with me about a special family he knows who participated in AiG’s Grand Canyon raft trip on the Colorado River in northern Arizona, and who also paid a visit to our Creation Museum near Cincinnati. Here is what Dan shared with me:

I took this picture [below] at the end of my first Grand Canyon rafting trip with Tom Vail of Canyon Ministries this summer. I met the Klessig family on this trip. They love the AiG ministry; in fact if you look closely at Darrell Klessig’s cap in the photo, you will notice a logo for AiG’s Ark Encounter project.

By the way, for her 16th birthday this year, his daughter, Natalya, had one request—to celebrate with some friends at the Creation Museum. Her parents gladly agreed, so they drove in their family’s motorhome from Wisconsin down to celebrate at the museum! (Their names in the photo, left to right, are Heidi, Joshua, Natalya, Darrel.)

AiG’s involvement in holding raft trips with Canyon Ministries is to expose laypeople and Christian leaders to the biblical worldview of a global Flood thru the Grand Canyon. Here’s a link to the blog I wrote after my trip (with photos).

Thanks, Dan. My brother Steve and his son just completed one of these raft trips, and I look forward to hearing of their experiences.

AiG will lead three 2013 raft tours inside the Grand Canyon, with some great Bible instruction and geologic teaching. I took one of the short raft trips several years ago; it was truly a memorable experience, and it helped me teach more effectively about the Flood and the formation of the Canyon. Next year’s tour dates—with the names of the AiG staff leading them—can be found at the Grand Canyon Raft Trips page.

These canyon trips typically fill quickly, so if you are interested, I urge you to check into them now.

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