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Pals Meet at the Creation Museum

The Creation Museum served as a meeting point recently for a couple of pen pals who had been corresponding for more than 40 years but had never met in person. Ron is from Indiana and Karen from New Jersey.

Karen began writing to Ron when she was in the fifth grade. Karen’s class wrote to soldiers who were fighting in the Vietnam War. Ron picked up Karen’s letter while in Southeast Asia, and the two became pen pals, corresponding with each other for over four decades! Karen still has a doll that Ron sent her from Vietnam, and Ron still has Karen’s first letter.

Over the years, Ron and Karen were able to pray for each other’s families and keep up with each other by writing, phone, and recently Facebook. They and their families decided to meet at the Creation Museum, and jokingly said that they chose to meet here as opposed to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio, about 75 miles north of our museum—Ron, you see, is a Navy man! Here they are at the museum a few days ago:

What a wonderful story, and we’re glad they chose the Creation Museum as their meeting place.

Famed Apologist’s Granddaughter Visits

Another reunion of sorts occurred last week. The youngest daughter of the president of the Institute for Creation Research, Dr. John Morris, paid a visit to the Creation Museum with her husband Joe (and his parents from Texas). I think the last time I saw Beth was over 18 years ago, when she, her siblings, and father and mother were attending the same church we were (in the San Diego area). Just another reminder that I am getting older!

Here is a photo of the five of us:

When Beth was here, Mark Looy of our staff, who has known Beth’s father for almost 40 years, showed her a photo of her grandfather, the late Dr. Henry Morris, in a museum display. Dr. Morris is considered the cofounder (with our great friend Dr. John Whitcomb) of the modern creationist movement, as well as the ministry of ICR. He is one of my “heroes of the faith.”

Here is a photo of her grandfather as it appears in the museum display:

It’s so great to see that so many of Dr. Morris’s family love God and His Word.

By the way, if you have not read our web article on what’s really behind the mission that landed a rover on Mars earlier this week, I encourage you to go to the article.

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