“Animal Man” Here Next Week

by Ken Ham

You may have seen a photo of him holding an animal on the south lawn of the White House while standing with President George W. Bush, or you may have watched him on the David Letterman television show. Dan Breeding, “the Animal Man” (no, he’s not some evolutionary hybrid of man and creature), will be presenting his special animal shows on August 6–11 here at the Creation Museum. Dan’s specialized creation teaching—showing off some remarkable creatures of God—is great enough (children love it), but to make things even better, next week he will be accompanied by AiG musician Buddy Davis. It’s all called “Wild Animal Encounter: A Musical Extravaganza.”

It’s the first time we have put together a program like this for the Creation Museum. So whether it will be your first time to the museum or whether you’re a repeat visitor, this is a great time to stop by. Tickets are only $5 for this program (in addition to museum admission). Because we know that some large families often attend the museum, there will be a maximum charge of $30 per household (and children four and under are free).

Also, you can get your photo taken with one of Dan’s animals!

Now, with so many animals on display here next week, Buddy has decided to sing perhaps his best-known song, “It’s Designed to Do What it Does Do.” The lyrics are taken from one of my sayings at our AiG conferences about the incredible design we see in God’s creatures. Buddy and I eventually wrote a children’s book based on the saying and his song. The “Design” song is also featured on one of Buddy’s popular CDs.

Watch me give a promotional video for next week’s “.”

And don’t forget—“eat mor chikin” today! (See my blog post from yesterday for an explanation.)

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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