Go Behind the Scenes with Ark Encounter

by Ken Ham on July 13, 2012

I’m inviting you and your family to our special “Behind the Scenes” event here in northern Kentucky to discover more about the exciting Ark Encounter project. On July 28 (a Saturday), the designers of the Ark and I will be meeting supporters inside our Creation Museum and the new Legacy Hall. Our talented design team—including Patrick Marsh, the creative genius behind the Creation Museum design—will share its vision for our highly evangelistic, full-scale Noah’s Ark, to be built off I-75 south of Cincinnati (800 acres were purchased earlier this year).

At both 12 noon and 3 PM (ET), we will give identical briefings. It’s a free event at the museum that will give you an opportunity to meet the gifted Ark Encounter design team (all of them worked on the Creation Museum), and also to learn about the exhibits and concepts they are developing for the Ark Encounter.

Catch the vision and find out how you can be part of this thrilling gospel project by getting a sneak preview of the Ark’s design, and there may be some surprises in store for you on July 28!

By the way, admission to the museum is not required for this event, but discounted tickets will be available for purchase if you would like to tour the museum after the behind the scenes event.

For more information on the Ark Encounter and this event, go to www.arkencounter.com.

No Riddle What This Man Stands For!

Mike Riddle has been an AiG speaker for several years. He’s been traveling the world to present the creation/gospel message. Mike remains an adjunct speaker for us today, but his full-time ministry is called Creation Training Initiative (CTI). We don’t see Mike often (or his wife Lesley, who is fully immersed in the CTI ministry as well), so we had him come by and give us an update on his CTI speaking ministry during one of our staff chapels.

Mike indicates that perhaps half of his speaking engagements come through Answers in Genesis. They are from churches, Christian schools, etc. who are looking for in-depth workshop training. Mike credits his several years of working with AiG as improving his talks and writings, especially in the area of biblical presuppositions. As a result, his talks, which were always centered on the Bible’s first book to begin with, are even more rich in biblical content.

When Mike was sharing with us at chapel, he said that the mission of CTI is to equip Christians worldwide to be effective teachers and speakers on biblical creation and to equip young people to stand firm in their faith.

Mike offers a one-day training course at a layperson’s level on how to defend biblical creation. ACSI has approved it for one Continuing Education Unit (CEU). For Christian educators, he holds a one-day workshop on how to teach biblical creation effectively. Plans are underway for conducting an “advanced apologetics course,” for a few days of instruction.

Mike used to be a workshop presenter for Microsoft, and what he charges for his workshops today is a fraction of what Microsoft charged when he was with that huge company.

To find out more about Mike and Lesley’s ministry, go to www.creationtraining.org.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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