Meyer “The Memory Man” Returns to the Museum

by Ken Ham

We affectionately call Tom Meyer the “Bible Memory Man.” He has memorized many books of Scripture. The first time we ran into him was when AiG conducted a tour of Israel in 2009. During an evening program in Jerusalem,  our tired group of tourists—after a long day of sightseeing—sat mesmerized as Tom recited the entire book of Revelation (22 chapters) from memory. Ever since, we’ve had him here at the Creation Museum to bless our visitors with God’s Word spoken from memory.

Tom, of Wordsower Ministries, will be returning to the museum next week, July 16–20 (Monday–Friday). He will be presenting Genesis chapters 1–11 and Revelation each day (at noon and 3:00 PM).

Tom has lived as both a student and teacher in Jerusalem. Currently he and his wife are traveling America and also teaching in California part of the year. See the Creation Museum’s event calendar for more information about his live presentations next week. Tom will also be speaking during two different staff chapel sessions.

I would definitely encourage you to make an effort to see and hear Tom when he is at the museum next week. Tom’s commitment to biblical truths and accuracy is wonderful to witness. We also recommend his Bible-proclaiming ministry, Wordsower, because we know that God's Word will not return void (Isaiah 55:11). You will be blessed.

I want to remind you that admission tickets are now good for two days (consecutive days). If you don’t have time for everything the museum has to offer in one day, come back the next day and hear Tom’s second presentation—or listen to one again.  Tom offers tremendous passion as he recites the Scriptures.

We have written about Tom’s unique ministry before—see, for example, our recent Answers magazine article.

Sadness in our Family

Next week, my friend and former coworker Joy Rizor of San Diego is being remembered at a memorial service for her life of ministry. She passed away over the weekend. When I lived in San Diego and worked with ICR, she was my assistant; she and her husband Tim helped us organize the popular “Back to Genesis” seminars. This couple went out ahead of me and the others speakers to set up the conferences and then ran them during the conference. Joy came to be known by my children as “Auntie Joy,” that’s how close she was to our family. Both Joy and her husband Tim often volunteered at the Creation Museum during the construction phase—they lived 2,000 miles away in California.

I know that Joy would not have wanted me to break away from the Missouri conference I am doing next week and fly to the service. Knowing Joy so well, she would have wanted me to remain in Missouri and speak to the hundreds of people who will gather from around the country to be at the conference. But one of my sons will fly to San Diego to represent AiG and our family.

Pray for Tim and their daughter Nancy (and the rest of the family) during this time of loss, and also that the gospel will be powerfully preached at her memorial service next week by my former pastor, Tom Chesko.

Here is a photo of Tim and Joy taken about a year ago:

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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