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We have seen many pastors visit Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. I thought you would all be encouraged to know how these influential pastors respond to the AiG ministry and Creation Museum.

Yesterday, we were thrilled to host Pastor Michael Lewis, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Plant City in Florida. Pastor Lewis was accompanied by his wife Lilliana and his four delightful daughters Faith, Hope, Charity, and Joy.

Pastor Lewis spoke at an AiG staff chapel, and then I had the privilege of showing them through the Creation Museum, AiG offices, and our facility housing the Ark Encounter project staff. What a blessing to interact with this family. Their four daughters were such as blessing as they soaked in all they saw and heard, and shared their heart to witness to others for the Lord Jesus. Here is what Pastor Lewis wrote to us after the visit:

My wife, four daughters and I had an incredible visit at the Creation Museum this week in Petersburg, Kentucky. The morning began with a chapel service which I was privileged to share from Joshua Chapter 1. The staff was very receptive and appreciative for the preaching of God's Word … Ken Ham, President/CEO of Answers in Genesis and The Creation Museum, guided our family on a tour of the faith enriching museum which he envisioned and designed.

Ken Ham with the Lewis family

Our hearts burned within us as the Bible was displayed in 3-D before our eyes from creation of the world to the corruption of sin, from corruption to the catastrophe of the worldwide flood, from the catastrophe to the confusion of the tower of Babel, from the  confusion to Christ and His cross. Ken Ham gave to us a behind the scenes tour of the Answers in Genesis studios and the new Ark Encounter. Dr. Ham has envisioned a full- size Noah's Ark with a Biblical theme park which will be used evangelistically to engage a post-modern culture with the truth of the Gospel. Jason Nave, [AiG staff member] was a gracious host giving to our family … a V.I.P. treatment.

Here is a photograph of the Lewis family and me taken in front of the mock up of one of the exhibit sections that will be within the Ark (96 such exhibit sections will exist in the Ark):

Pastor Lewis continued, “The Creation Museum is a must see for anyone sincerely pursuing the truth of science, for it places you face to face with the reality of the Creator. Parents will want your children exposed to the amazing presentation of God's Word which is absent in much of educational circles today.”

Pastor Lewis described the Noah's Ark project as a “captivating vision” and stated, “this amazing project … I believe will bring many to faith in the Lord Jesus.”

New Lucy Exhibit Open Saturday

The new high tech Lucy exhibit will be ready for Creation Museum visitors to see beginning this Saturday.  Installation is well under way. Here is an artist’s mock up of what part of the exhibit will look like:

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