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Minnesota is one of the states that, for some reason, hasn’t been requesting AiG conferences as compared to other states that are roughly within a (long) one-day drive of our Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area. I always look forward to returning because many of the Christians in that state—who recognize that they live in a largely secular humanistic part of America (especially in the major cities)—really appreciate a good Bible-teaching seminar when it comes to the area.

In fact, I fondly recall the time I spoke in Albert Lea (southern Minnesota) in 1995, which is not a large town, and I think over 2,000 “hungry” people showed up! Plus we held a student assembly in Albert Lea that drew a large number of young people. We were brand new as a ministry at the time, and to see such a tremendous turnout there was so encouraging for our young ministry.

However, since 1995, we have learned that the state has some of the most vocal opponents of AiG and the Creation Museum.

Well,  I will be in Eden Prairie, Minnesota—a suburb of Minneapolis—this Sunday and Monday, April 29–30. Grace Church is graciously giving me its pulpit for its three worship services on Sunday, April 29, Sunday evening, and then on Monday evening, Gary Parker and I will be conducting this seminar. Also, on Monday morning, I will be doing a program on dinosaurs for grades K–6 at the church, and then late in the morning, a program for grades 7–12. All the meetings in Eden Prairie are free.

In preparation for my return to Minnesota, I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by my friend David Wheaton. No longer a world-class tennis player (as of 10 years ago), David now speaks and writes on biblical apologetics and hosts a nationally syndicated radio program, The Christian Worldview. His recorded interview with me will air this Saturday morning, April 28, and will be broadcasted on dozens of Christian stations across the country, like KKMS in Minnesota. To find out more about David’s radio program, and maybe to listen live online this Saturday morning if the program is not heard in your area, go to A station listing can be found at this link.

After recording the interview, David sent one of my colleagues the following message:

The interview went great! He's one of the easiest interviews because Ken expresses a lot of content in his answers and always goes back to Scripture. We're going to air it on April 28th, the day before the MN conference.  Unfortunately I'm going to be out of town for the conference, though! But some of my family will be coming.
For information on the Minnesota conference, see the event page.

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