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A father and son who attend the Australian church of Pastor Josh Williamson (who toured our Creation Museum a few years ago) paid us a visit last week. Here is a photo of Peter and Andrew Hatte with Mark Looy and me in my office.

The son, Andrew, is in medical school, and the father works for the Salvation Army. They live near Australia’s capital of Canberra.

Here is another photo—taken of the Hattes with Mark Looy—in front of the museum’s “green screen.”

They wrote Mark afterwards—just as they were heading for New York City and a helicopter tour of Manhattan:

Hey Mark......just want to thank you guys again for making us feel so welcome and taking time out to let us know more about the great ministry you're involved in at the museum.... We are keen to let others know about your work there......we appreciate the work you are doing in a very undisciplined culture...... We do know that God will continue to richly bless your work there.

Just thinking last night how good it would be to arrange some Christian tours from Australia.....!!!

Please pass on our thanks to Ken also!

Bless you mate......

I enjoy meeting people from my homeland. I made sure we gave the Hattes copies of our Answers magazine and other materials so they can be ambassadors for AiG in Australia. We’ve seen a number of Aussie visitors at the Creation Museum over the years, and we look forward to seeing many more.

British Visitor Makes Trek to the Museum

For many years, I have read books produced by the Banner of Truth publishers out of the UK. I particularly have enjoyed reading the fine theological works of the late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, pastor of Westminster Chapel in London. The first managing director of Banner of Truth, dating back to the 1950s, was a guest at the Creation Museum last week—Pastor Errol Hulse. While attending London Bible College in the 1950s, Pastor Hulse attended Westminster Chapel and was taught by Dr. Lloyd-Jones.

Pastor Hulse was about to leave the museum when I heard—as I was arriving at the Cincinnati Airport—that he was in the building, so I quickly headed to AiG and was glad to spend a few minutes with him before he made his way to Dayton/Beavercreek, Ohio, to speak at King’s Chapel (a local supportive church of the museum). Here is a picture taken of  me with Pastor Hulse and Pastor Brad Garrison of King’s Chapel.

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