A Most Unique Bible College

by Ken Ham on March 31, 2012

This past week my wife and I traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where I spoke to the students at a small but a most unique Bible college. Jackson Hole Bible College uses the facilities of Rocky Mountain Lodge Christian Camp. It gives students opportunities that I don’t believe are available anywhere else.


The Bible college was founded by Pastor Don Landis (he is also the founding chairman of the AiG Board of Directors). Students not only study the Bible in a one-year program, but they are also taught general Bible apologetics and creation apologetics, as well practical creation apologetics as students do field trips to such places as nearby Yellowstone, plus Mount St. Helens, Grand Canyon, Fossil Butte, and many other unique places. Also, because the Bible college currently limits the number of students to 35, they have the wonderful opportunity of interacting personally with many of the visiting professors and specialist teachers. Many of the leading creation speakers and researchers in the country contribute to teaching programs at the college.

Because of the location of this unique college, those of us who participate in the teaching program also have the opportunity to visit Yellowstone National Park and many other areas—for research and recreation.

For the series of lectures I prepared for the students, the public was also invited, and we were thrilled at the number of people who joined with the students for this time.

Here is a photograph of the founder of the Bible college, Pastor Don Landis, with his wife Bev:

Don and Bev Landis

This is a photograph of most of the students at Jackson Hole Bible College this year at one of my sessions:

Jackson Hole Bible College Students

This is the side of the bus the students travel in for their creation field trips:


The Bible College (at a Christian camp facility) is near the foot of the Teton Mountains—a beautiful location:

Teton Mountains

You can also view this short video below, in which Don Landis gives an overview of the facility:

You can find out more about Jackson Hole Bible College at www.jhbc.edu.

Mally and I love to go to Jackson Hole—it is our favorite place to visit in the USA. For those of you who have been to Jackson, you may remember these elk antlers in the town square—hundreds of them are linked and put in the shape of an arch, and they are lit at night:


Here are some more photographs taken during our recent visit to Wyoming:

Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming

We praise the Lord for pastors like Don Landis who stand on the authority of the Word of God beginning with Genesis.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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