Foundations Series Gets Rave Review in Russia

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Over the years, AiG has had quite an impact on the church in Russia. AiG speaker Dr. Terry Mortenson has just been in Russia again, speaking in churches, seminaries, etc.

Recently, the Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) translated my new Foundations DVD series into Russian. This video series includes 12, 30-minute programs with accompanying study guides and features many of my main lecture presentations. The series was produced by our video team at AiG under the leadership of staff member Ben Wilt. It is one of the most professional series AiG has ever produced. In fact, the SGA translated this series into Russian in such a professional and first class way that it is the most incredible translation video project I have ever seen.

This week, we received a review of this series from a very influential pastor in Russia—Pastor Viktor Ryanguzov. He is also the president of the Preachers Institute in Samara where Dr. Terry Mortenson spoke recently. He has posted the following review on his Russian website:

Ken Ham - Foundations. “Answers in Genesis” and SGA, 2011. Review prepared by pastor of Transformation Church, Ryaguzov, V.S. (Samara).

So far evangelical believers in Russia are for [the] most part conservative – they believe in the creation of the world and of man. But the day is not far when their children will consider their views as naïve … if things stay as they are and the church makes no effort to protect the young minds from the discrediting of the first 11 chapters of Genesis.

The battle for the authority of Scripture has not ceased even for minute from the time when the first lines were penned by the hand of Moses. The battle has been waged not only in the sphere of theology but also in the sphere of science. If in the sphere of theology every evangelical believer considered themselves more or less competent, very few would consider themselves competent in the sphere of science. This is why people who knowledgeably use objective scientific data to protect the Bible from the attacks of atheists are worth their weight in gold . One of such person is … Ken Ham whose “Foundations” video lectures have finally arrived into Russian language with the help of SGA!

I never heard about this man before who has a gift to explain complicated things in a way that is interesting and easy to understand. And he, by the way, has been in ministry for over 30 years! Lectures by Ken Ham are very important for believers, as they help them to become established in the truthfulness of the biblical account of six literal days of creation, which unfortunately is not accepted both in the sinful world and in a number of Christian denominations. It seems inconceivable to them that a vast and complex world appeared in 144 hours. Such things are not done quickly!  Ken helps them understand that what is impossible for men is quite possible for God.

He claims there’s no contradiction between experimental science and faith. there’s a conflict in interpretation of current facts, as no scientist lived in the far away past. … Ken shows the impossibility of the evolutional development of matter from inanimate to living, because such a jump would require a qualitative change and pouring into it a gigantic volume of information which blind chance cannot produce. Evolutional worldview is an unsubstantiated and hopeless faith, and it has even become the theoretical basis for racism. If you do not believe in literal biblical description of the six days of creation how do you believe in the rest? From which chapter then does the narrative start about real events?

Ham urges to understand the first 11 chapters of Genesis as historical and not as a poetical description of creation. He shows that these accounts give answers to such important questions as the origin of the world, 7-day week, the institution of marriage, imperfection of man, customs of wearing clothes, the promise of the Redeemer, a worldwide flood, a global change of climate, the origin of nations, and the origin of different languages. Without these chapters we would know nothing about our past and would deprive ourselves of the future. After all, creation is foundational to all of Scripture and one who destroys the foundation becomes an apostate from biblical faith.

For the sake of the salvation of those who are perishing from the terrible hypnosis of evolutional atheism, every church and every family should thoughtfully watch these lectures and use the arguments of … [Ken] Ham in their witness as well as give his lectures to their friends and acquaintances so that they could also watch them.

Pastor of Transformation Church, V.S. Ryaguzov

You can find out more about the Foundations DVD series and accompanying study guides on the online store.

We have heard of many churches that are now using this video series for Sunday evening services, home groups, Bible studies, youth groups, etc. The teaching in this series presents the basic messages that AiG wants to get to every Christian, every church, and every church leader.

This series already has had a great impact on many churches in Russia. Please pray this impact continues and increases.

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