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John and Ruth Kool celebrated their sixtieth anniversary by visiting the Creation Museum over Thanksgiving weekend! And they brought along their family—all 34 of them. In the photo, John and Ruth are the older couple wearing the darkest shirts—now, they may not look like they are old enough to have been married for 60 years, but we double-checked the anniversary number!

The Kool family gathered in this area for Thanksgiving and spent four days together. One of the days was dedicated to visiting the museum. There were four generations represented; including John and Ruth, it was their their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. John and Ruth are from Michigan (the Grand Rapids area); their children and grandchildren have spread out to six states and Costa Rica, with two youth pastors and a missionary in the family.

John and Ruth have visited the Creation Museum before. Just after the museum opened in 2007, they were hosted by a friend who happens to work here at AiG. I had spoken at their home church of Rush Creek Bible in Byron Center, Michigan. While making their plans for an anniversary get-together/family reunion and considering where they could all gather, the location of the Creation Museum (within a one-day drive of almost two thirds of the U.S. population) made our facility their first choice.

Maybe their idea will prompt you to have a family gathering here at the Creation Museum; we’re located in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. For group information and discounts, go to http://creationmuseum.org/plan-your-visit/groups/.

A great time to visit is during our Christmas Town celebration, starting this Friday and for seven other days in December—see http://creationmuseum.org/christmas/.

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