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Last week Dr. Georgia Purdom of our staff, a molecular geneticist, had the privilege of representing AiG at a Revive Our Hearts Conference for women’s ministry leaders and pastors’ wives in Indianapolis. Dr. Purdom reported the following:

We had a booth showcasing our resources and upcoming conferences. I was able to situate our large Creation Museum sign so it was one of the first things that women saw as they walked into the resource room. Many women stopped by the booth to tell me they had heard of or visited the museum (only a few had not, which is great)! Several said they had visited shortly after we opened, and I told them they really needed to come back to see all the new additions like our petting zoo, observatory, and new museum exhibits.

Two women told me a friend of theirs believed that the word “day” in Genesis 1 meant a long period of time, and they wanted to know how to answer him. Apparently he uses the weeks talked about in the Book of Daniel (which represent years) to support his position. We talked about the context of the word day in Genesis 1. When used with the words morning, evening, and a number in the Old Testament outside of Genesis 1, “day” always means a literal 24-hour day. Why should Genesis 1 be any different? I also brought up Exodus 20:11 in which God says He created in six days and this gives a basis for our week. They decided to buy him the New Answers Book 1.

There was a lot of interest in the Dinosaur for Kids book I had on display. Many of the mothers and grandmothers know dinosaurs fascinate children, and they greatly desire to give them answers beginning with God’s Word. Several of the women had high praise for the Answers VBS programs that they had used in their churches.

The women were very intrigued when I told them AiG was hosting its own women’s conference next year called Answers for Women. Several had wanted to visit the museum and thought this might be the perfect opportunity since the museum and planetarium admission is included in the cost of the conference. Overall, the conference was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed sowing more seed for the Savior.

Our “Answers for Women” conference will be held at the museum’s new Legacy Hall on April 19–20. This Bible-centered meeting, with Mary Mohler as one of the speakers, is for married or single women. See

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