The Genesis Flood Anniversary Conference

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Here is a series of photographs taken during the day at our very successful Saturday conference at the Creation Museum, commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of The Genesis Flood. This is the book that started the modern biblical creation movement.

Dr. John Whitcomb Dr. John Whitcomb

Dr. John Whitcomb—the book’s co-author

Dr. John Morris

Dr. John Morris, son of the other coauthor, Dr. Henry Morris; president of ICR

Dr. Terry Mortenson

Dr. Terry Mortenson, AiG’s historian of the creation vs. evolution issue

Dr. Andrew Snelling

Dr. Andrew Snelling—our staff geologist

Dr. Andrew Snelling

Dr. Snelling is also the author of the update to The Genesis Flood, Earth’s Catastrophic Past.

Ken Ham

Calling All Pastors

Our next conference in our museum’s new auditorium (called Legacy Hall) starts this Tuesday: a pastors’ conference, where Dr. Al Mohler of Southern Seminary joins AiG speakers in equipping Christian leaders to defend our Christian faith. See You can register at the door and also enjoy the opportunity of touring the Creation Museum during the conference.

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