Do Most Parents Even Know What is Being Taught at Christian Colleges?

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A few months ago, we released the powerful book Already Compromised,” which details research (conducted by America’s Research Group) into what Christian colleges are teaching—particularly in regard to the book of Genesis. The results are revealing and shocking. The majority of Christian colleges are compromising Genesis and thus undermining biblical authority to the students entrusted to them by parents to train.

As a reminder of the importance of this book, I received two comments this past week I want to share with you.

The first one was a comment posted on my public Facebook.

I am currently getting my masters in biology education at a supposedly Christian college and have had to endure TOO MUCH evolution teaching . . .  In my most recent class, I had to read the book "The Language of God" by Francis Collins (along with a selection by some prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins) and it was unbelievable how much nonsense was passed of as right thinking . . . I was disgusted.
The second quote comes from a person who was a professor at a Christian college.
I taught at [name of Bible college withheld] in New York for two years. This Christian school is far astray, and the students are very weak on their view of Genesis. The erosion and attack on biblical inerrancy is having a profound negative affect there. I fear that many parents are unaware how many of their children are developing these compromise views. Students at this Bible college are being encouraged to consider their upbringing about believing in Genesis as narrow minded.

– Steve Perry, Virginia

From my personal experience, I have found most parents do not know what is being taught at most Christian colleges. I have had parents tell me, “Oh, we are sending our children to a wonderful Christian College that stands on God’s Word.” Then I ask the name of it, and when they tell me, I usually groan because I am familiar with the rife compromise at that particular college.
  1. I urge all parents and students considering a Christian college to obtain a copy of Already Compromised. Read it carefully, and learn how to ask the right questions as you research which college you should choose.
  2. I also encourage parents to check out AiG’s special webpage, which presents a good college list to start with as you research which college to consider attending.
So many adults have confided in me over the years that their parents spent tens of thousands of dollars sending them to a Christian college, only to have their faith greatly undermined. I plead with parents to take this issue very seriously indeed.

We praise the Lord that we have five children who have now all graduated from college. However, the bottom line is that I would rather my children dig ditches and eventually go to heaven than be some highly educated person and go to hell because they received biblical-authority undermining teaching and then rejected the Word of God.

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