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We continue to get rave reviews for Diana Waring's history curricula (for High School) published by Answers in Genesis. We have teamed up with Diana Waring, one of the most recognizable names in homeschooling, to bring you this unique and comprehensive world history curriculum, History Revealed.

Volume 1 is Ancient Civilizations and the Bible, which takes you on a journey from creation to Christ, covering the major events, civilizations, and personalities in the first 4,000 years of world history. Volume 2 is Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries, which covers the early church to the French revolution. Volume 3, World Empires, World Missions, World Wars, will be available by fall of 2012.

Each volume is a one-year history curriculum that includes a teacher guide, student manual, testing kit, audio CDs, and an optional elementary activity book for the younger students so that all ages can participate in this exciting study of world history.

Here is an email received this past week about the curriculum History Revealed: Ancient Civilizations and the Bible:

I am happily married with 2 children. . . . This is our 8th year of homeschooling. I have been a lurker for quite a few years and have had this curriculum on the shelf for at least 2 years. After a couple years of gaining wisdom from the people in this group, we have finally started AC&B this year.

The reason I post is not to brag but to say thank you to Diana for giving me the freedom to let my children learn in a way that they learn best. I would just like to tell of some things that I saw as we went through the first unit.

My daughter, who learns well any way you teach her, did her usual good quality work all throughout the first 3 phases. When we got to phase 4 she REALLY blossomed. She has enjoyed this week so much. She can't wait to get to the computer to work on her “secret” project and she is also working on staging to put on a show for dad at the end of the week.

My son, who is not the typical “sit at your desk” student, has really enjoyed this curriculum so far. He has spent hours reading the pocket guides from AIG and also our Answers magazines. We have subscribed to this for a few years and this is the first time I think he really took notice of them. He asked the other day if we could get him his own subscription to the magazine for Christmas:) He has compiled a tri-fold board with information he has learned and wants to show it to his neighbors who believe in millions of years. He has also researched the subject of radioactive dating and has chosen to do a little paper on John Dalton because he is fascinated by atoms. Now, again, I must say I am not writing this to brag but to point out that I would have NEVER taken the time to teach a ten year old about atoms and radioactive dating. I don't understand it and to me it is not interesting. Also, it would not have fit into the “schedule.” This curriculum is a blessing to us. Thank you!!

Gomer Takes a Bubble Bath

Our beloved camel, Gomer, who resides at the Petting Zoo at the Creation Museum received a bubble bath recently. I thought you would enjoy a photograph of this event:

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