Unbelievable Condition of Many of Our Churches

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More and more Christians are realizing that in reality the biggest battle we have right now is within much of the church. How can we witness to the world when much of the church and even many Christian schools have adopted the world’s anti-God religion of evolutionary beliefs, including the idea of millions of years?

This recent letter of testimony from a pastor’s wife is important for all of us to read:

Unbelievable! That seems to be the word to describe the condition of our “Christian” churches & schools today. The false beliefs of the lost secular world, which are somewhat expected due to their spiritual condition, have crept into our churches and allowed compromise to infiltrate the body of believers and permeate the entire Christian world – unbelievable!

. . . I am a pastor’s wife and homeschool mother of three. My first eye-opening experience occurred two years ago when my then 7th grader wanted to play football. As a homeschooler in our community he could not play unless he became a “student” of the school. To make a long story short, we enrolled him p/t in a Christian school. He took three classes, one of which was earth science. Within a couple of weeks, my son was coming home telling us things that his teacher said such as: “God could use any method he wanted to create – as He can do anything” – I was flabbergasted! We had a conference with the teacher, who openly and boldly proclaimed to be a Christian, yet allowed the “science mind” to alter her presuppositions and interfere with the biblical worldview thus compromising God’s Word!!

Realization had slapped me in the face! I was going to have to do a better job of providing a solid biblical answer for my children to be able to refute these types of teachings/influences and uphold and defend the authority of the Word of God. As I had used some AIG materials in the past, I began to search the website for more information and resources. Wow! What I found was a not only an incredible amount of creation resources available to purchase, but also a wealth of free information, downloads, and resources to assist me in being prepared to give an answer. We have since purchased and used several AIG resources for our family as well as for our church (Answers Academy, Kid Answers, several great dvds). We are currently using “Demolishing Strongholds” and “It All Begins in Genesis” curriculums throughout our church services. Wow-- awesome materials! I am truly learning how to defend my faith as well as “be prepared to give an answer to any man that asketh” II Peter 3:15.

I never realized the intensity and the animosity that some people demonstrate in the battle regarding creation science – especially in the churches! After reading “Already Gone” and “Already Compromised”, I am passionately convinced that we must stand up and defend the Word of God from the very first verse in Genesis. As the Psalmist stated, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do.”

I want to say “Thank you” . . . for having a vision of bringing reformation to our churches by standing on the foundations of Truth and establishing the AIG ministry. Thank you for your mission to proclaim the truth of the Bible and the message of the gospel with boldness. Thanks also to the entire AIG staff for the outstanding job of providing believers with invaluable resources in which to equip them to defend their faith boldly and without compromise! I so much appreciate your ministry. May God bless you abundantly as you serve Him!

Now, we acknowledge that not all churches and Christian schools are like this. She is writing about her experience with one school, and we’re thankful for schools that uphold the authority of the Bible from the very first verse.

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