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Here is an email received this week:

Just wanted to pass along a great appreciation for the work you all are doing.  Almost 30 years ago, I was a math and science teacher in a Christian School and had a keen interest in passing on Creation Science to my students.  At that time resources were rather scarce.  I was somewhat limited to Henry Morris’ work, the work of Duane Gish, and Ken Ham’s early stuff.  I’ve been away from teaching science for almost 30 years now.  I have kept up at a distance and have visited the Creation Museum.

About a year ago my Pastor asked me to teach an adult Sunday school class on the topic of Creation and evolution.  I needed some resources so I went to your website and found more than what I needed.  I was astonished at the research that has been done over the past 30 years and the wealth of publications.  I’ve purchased a lot of materials from AiG for use in my class and much of it will go into our church library.  Your website is just awesome with all of the resources, videos, and other information.  Thanks for making it available.

I've always said that AiG is like a “reservoir,” and we pray more and more people will “pipe” into it and help permeate the culture with AiG resources—this continues to happen and increase daily. Praise the Lord!

Pastor Feedback

Every now and then, I do what is called a “Meet the CEO” at the Creation Museum. We give Creation Museum visitors opportunity to meet with me. Yesterday was one such time. As people come to say “Hi,” many also give me some great testimonies.

Yesterday, I was thrilled to meet a pastor who told me that he had found great answers for counseling in the “Nouthetic Counseling” movement (a movement that builds their counseling philosophy on God's Word, not man’s psychology). But he needed answers regarding science and the Bible. As a pastor he was looking for help to ensure his thinking was founded in God’s Word. He told me he found AiG, and the resources have greatly affected him personally, his ministry, and the people in his church. He just wanted to say thank you.

This is another example of a “pipeline” coming out of our huge reservoir—disseminating much-needed biblical and scientific information to the people.

Almost Ready

Well, our long awaited 1,000-seat auditorium (Legacy Hall) at the Creation Museum is almost ready.  Final touches are being put into place, and we hope to obtain our occupancy permit within a few days. Here is a photograph:

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