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Last year we held our first-ever pastors’/Christian leaders’ conference (although we’ve hosted several dozen pastors’ breakfasts over the years where I’ve given a talk). This multi-day event was such a successful outreach that we’re doing another one this year (October). And please note: even though it’s called “Answers for Pastors” it’s really a “Christian leaders” event, and suitable for non-pastors—such as those Christian leaders who are involved in ministry or leadership in their local church and are seeking solid Bible teaching that upholds the authority of God’s Word.

Our next Answers for Pastors conference is October 18-20 at our Creation Museum’s brand-new auditorium, Legacy Hall (which is almost finished). This is one conference for ALL pastors and Christian leaders (church elders, deacons, ministry workers, and so on) to equip them to revitalize their ministry—and strengthen their faith with Bible-upholding teaching.

For the first time at an AiG meeting, we’ll have well-known speaker Dr. Al Mohler of Southern Seminary (your pastor will recognize the name immediately), and he’ll be joined by Pastor Brad Bigney (an excellent, practical Bible teacher) , Dr. Michael Haykin, and our own line up of AiG speakers (including me)—with special sessions for the wives led by Karen Haught and Dr. Georgia Purdom. Also added for this special conference is music by worship leader and accomplished composer John G. Elliott (this will be John’s third time at an AiG event, and I appreciate his worship music tremendously).

Christian leaders will save $30 when they register before May 31, 2011. Registration includes free admission to the Creation Museum next door to the auditorium. Go to

Please send this link to a pastor or other church leader in your congregation and encourage them to attend – and let them know they can tour the Creation Museum if they haven’t already.

Young AiG Fans

It is thrilling to meet so many young people who devour AiG resources and are being trained to be the up-and-coming generation to stand for the Lord in this culture.

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