How Many Christian College Students Are Being Taught This Way?

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Recently I had the privilege of instructing young people at a small (but powerfully effective) Bible college in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. For their assignment, I required they read our new book Already Compromised, and then write a review on the book. These students are some of the small number of Bible college students who are warned about biblical compromise.  I was so thrilled and amazed at the level of maturity of these students, who have been taught to stand on the authority of the Word, boldly and uncompromisingly, that I decided to excerpt sections from various of the students’ reviews, and make them into a lead article on the AiG website for today.

When you read this entire article and the quotes from the students, I’m sure many of you will say, “I want my children to stand on God’s Word like this. I want my students to be able to think biblically like this.”

One of the reviews begins with the following:

In his novel, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, a C.S. Lewis character asked the question, “What do they teach them at these schools?” Hewas referencing the lack of use of logic he saw in children. As Christians, we would do well to ask the same question when evaluating educational institutions, both Christian and secular.

Many Christian parents are choosing to send their children to a Christian university. But are these Christian colleges really worthy of the confidence that Christian parents are investing in them? Are they fully committed to Scripture? Or are they Already Compromised?

Ken Ham and Greg Hall, with the research help of Britt Beemer, set out to answer these questions in the new book Already Compromised, published by Master Books. The book investigates the situation at today’s Christian colleges, describes how colleges’ teaching relates to Scripture, and presents challenges to Christians on how we can and should respond in light of the current state of Christian education. Is there anything of concern in today’s Christian colleges? Already Compromised suggests that there certainly is. (Aimee R.)

Another student stated the following:
Already Compromised discusses the reality that many Christian colleges have become no better than secular schools when it comes to a true view of Scripture. Though evolutionary and humanistic teachings are to be expected from secular schools, the amount of this compromise we see in Christian colleges is astounding. This book shows the increasing departure from Scripture in higher education today, and what to look for when seeking a college to attend. (Micaela R.)
I urge you to read the rest of the web article, and then to ensure you obtain a copy of Already Compromised.  Then I plead with parents to be extremely diligent and discerning about where you will entrust your children for their higher education. To help you, we do have a website associated with the book Already Compromised, where we are collecting a list of colleges whose presidents are prepared to sign AiG’s statement of faith. AiG can’t guarantee what every professor or every textbook at these colleges teach, but this list is meant as a starting point to help parents as they research various colleges. The link is (please note that this website is a work in progress—more colleges and content will be added over time).

You may read the entire review of Already Compromised on the AiG website.

For more information and ordering details, see Already Compromised on our online store.

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