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When I give my one and a half hour fast-paced, interactive talk titled “Dinosaurs, Genesis & the Gospel” to kindergarten through sixth grade, I often have a number of parents and teachers come up afterwards and say, “I really enjoyed that and learned a lot!”

Based on the Seven C’s (Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation) that we have in the Creation Museum, I developed the seven ages of dinosaurs (the Seven F’s).

  1. Formed
  2. Fearless
  3. Fallen
  4. Flood
  5. Found
  6. Faded
  7. Fiction

Really, this presentation—with an emphasis on dinosaurs—gives children a complete overview of the Bible, teaching them how to defend their faith in today’s world—with a powerful presentation of the gospel. You also may pick up a number of ideas to help you in teaching children these topics; for instance, I have a number of fun sayings that kids love to learn.

  • “Billions of dead things buried in rock layers, laid down by water all over the earth.”
  • “It’s designed to do what it does do and what it does do it does do well doesn’t it, don’t you think? I think it does, do you, I do, hope you do too, do you?”

Yes, some of the phrases are tongue in cheek.

And then other ways to teach children (and adults) are used in presenting basic concepts, such as asking the question (politely of course), “Were you there?”

Yes, this is a interactive presentation specially designed for children, but adults and teens tell me they enjoy it too.

You can now listen to this MP3 audio file free.

Today, I give my final two presentations at the GHEA convention (Georgia Home Educators Association) in Atlanta.

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