First Conference for Already Compromised Book

by Ken Ham on May 6, 2011

Today I give two presentations at the Georgia Home Educators Association convention. This is the first major conference where I will be speaking that our book Already Compromised will be available. We did have one case of Already Compromised overnighted from the printer for the Worldview conference last weekend in Branson, but that case lasted only a few minutes once people knew limited copies of the book were available. However, this is the first conference where we will have good supplies of the new book. It presents research that is both revealing and shocking in its information about what is being taught at Christian colleges.

Tonight, during my “Relevance of Genesis” presentation, I will give a summary of the findings detailed in the book about the state of Christian colleges in this nation. Here is a photograph of some of our volunteers at the AiG booth in the exhibit hall at the Georgia conference.


You can obtain your copy of Already Compromised from our online store.

Beauty at the Creation Museum

As you drive into the Creation Museum, this is what you will see right now.


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