Free MP3: Defending the Christian Faith Biblically and Scientifically

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When we run our AiG conferences around the country, we often conduct special programs for young people. These are popular with teenagers and the adults who attend with their young people. Today, we are providing you with a link to the presentation I give to junior and senior high school students, parents, and teachers.

You can listen online or download free. The entire presentation is 1 hour 22 minutes long. Here are the topics covered.

  1. How can we know there is a God? Who made God?
  2. How did Noah fit the animals on the Ark?
  3. What about speciation and what is called “natural selection”?
  4. Is there any evidence for the worldwide Flood of Noah’s day?
  5. What about the age of the earth—what does the Bible teach us? What do secular scientists teach on this matter?
  6. Can Christians believe in millions of years?
  7. Are the days of creation six ordinary days or millions of years?
  8. What about the dating methods—does “science” prove millions of years?
  9. Are there “races” of people? What about skin color?
  10. Does it really matter what a Christian believes about Genesis?
I encourage you to listen to or download this presentation.

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