Atheist Richard Dawkins: “Evangelical Christians Have Really Sort Of Got It Right”

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As we approach the release date of the new book Already Compromised—and how it reveals massive biblical compromise in Christian colleges—I thought I would share the transcript of a video clip I have been using in some of my conference talks.

Last month, famous atheist and evolutionist Richard Dawkins was interviewed by Howard Condor on Revelation TV in the UK. Parts of the interview are disappointing regarding how the interviewer made some of his arguments. However, there was one section of the interview that is really worth publicizing.

At one stage, the interviewer asked, “So, was there a defining moment where you made a decision that you didn’t believe in God?”

Richard Dawkins replied, “Yes . . . I suppose, I switched from Christian theism to some sort of deism about the age of fourteen or fifteen. And then switched to atheism about the age of sixteen—fifteen, sixteen.”

Howard Condor then asks, “And was there a particular point, or something you read, or an experience you had that said, ‘Yes this is it, God does not exist’?”

Now note carefully the following statement by Richard Dawkins:

Oh well, by far the most important was understanding evolution. I think the evangelical Christians have really sort of got it right in a way, in seeing evolution as the enemy. Whereas the more, what shall we say, sophisticated theologians are quite happy to live with evolution, I think they are deluded. I think the evangelicals have got it right, in that there is a deep incompatibility between evolution and Christianity, and I think I realized that about the age of sixteen.
I want you to note two things in particular:
  1. For Richard Dawkins, who professes to be an atheist, evolution is his justification for rejecting the God of the Bible.
  2. Richard Dawkins understands the Bible’s account of origins more than many theologians. He does see that there is an irreconcilable conflict between the Bible and evolution. In fact, in other statements he has made in books and interviews, Dawkins says that the next step for these theologians is to reject the Bible totally. He applauds the theologians for believing in evolution, but he says “the writing is on the wall”—meaning that the next step is to realize the Bible can’t be true.
It is so sad that compromise with evolution and millions of years permeates the church and Christian colleges. For atheists like Richard Dawkins, this is a good thing because he understands that compromise will cause coming generations to eventually walk away from the church, which is exactly what is already happening.

The new publication Already Compromised (released around May 1) details research conducted by American’s Research Group on Christian colleges, showing rampant compromise through many of these institutions.

It’s a shame so many of our Christian academics don’t understand the Bible as much as Dawkins does on this issue of the Bible and evolution!

You can preorder a copy of Already Compromised.

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