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Last night, I spoke at the Christian Life Center in Dayton, Ohio. This is the first of a series of presentations by Dr. Jason Lisle and me. The Saturday evening service is the smallest of the church’s services. Today, I speak at three morning services (and my Saturday evening presentation will be shown at two satellite churches). Then we speak twice Sunday evening and twice Monday evening, with two special school assembly programs Monday morning. For more information, go to the AiG website event page.

Here are some photographs taken last evening:

Pastor Shannon and me

Entrance to church

A section of the auditorium

Lots of interest in the resources

Various people I spoke to after the service (three photos):

Please pray for the rest of the conference. If you live in the region, please note that the church is conveniently located—very near where I-75 and I-70 come together—and so we hope you can attend one or more of the sessions.

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