A Special 90-Year-Old

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Ken Ham and Dr. Duane Gish

While in San Diego yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting up with an old friend—known as the world’s most famous creation debater, Dr. Duane Gish.

I had the honor of working alongside Dr. Gish when I worked with the Institute for Creation Research from 1987–1993. For the past 40 years, he has written a number of books and many articles dealing with the creation/evolution issue. He has also conducted hundreds of creation/evolution debates. Dr. Henry Morris founded the Institute for Creation Research, and Dr. Gish was the first full-time scientist and became the vice president of ICR.

Recently, Dr. Gish turned 90! It was great to catch up with him—and to hear him still telling jokes as he always loves to do!

Job Opportunities

Recently I posted a list of Job Opportunities available at AiG on my Facebook page. Here is the list for my blog readers.

Job Opportunities in the United States

  • Application Developer I
  • Constituent Data Administrator (CDA)
  • General Accountant
  • Housekeeping Staff
  • Java Script Web Developer
  • Outreach Event Coordinator
  • Seasonal Food Service Support Staff
  • Other Seasonal Staff
  • Senior Database Administrator (Senior DBA)
  • Warehouse Specialist
  • Web Developer—Python
  • Web Designer
  • Web Operations Coordinator
  • Web Order Associate
  • Zoo Keeper
For further details, take a look at our jobs page.

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