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Recently on this blog, I shared an item about a young man who was involved in using snow that had accumulated at his home to form it into a representation of Noah’s Ark on a mountain (and see if you can make out the Bible reference in the foreground).

The young man, Joshua, couldn’t afford to sponsor a beam in the Ark Encounter fundraising campaign, so he sponsored a peg and then built the “snow Ark”  in the hopes this would help inspire others to be creative to help fund the Ark Encounter project.

In my previous blog post, I wrote the following:

His father wrote to us and said that Joshua was “hoping  the snow pics would move Mr. Ham to send young Joshua an Ark model  replica, hand-signed by Mr. Ham himself. (I think he would like the hand- signed feature more than anything).”  Well Joshua, just keep a watch in the mail, you never know!
I reproduce below for you a letter and then a photo I received this week from Joshua:

I hope you are all as pumped as Joshua about the Ark project. Find out more from www.Arkencounter.com.

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